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  • This device is aimed to applications that need on-field arbitrary initial and final travel reference points calibration. Once these have been set, the A15-3P provides accurate position feedback output to the controller.

    Designed to be a cost-effective replacement for absolute encoders, the A15-3P series offers an SMD, Vertical and Through Hole mount solution for the majority of Position/Angle Rotary Sensor and multi-purpose control applications such as garage door oppeners, gauges, rotary actuators and robotics.
  • One of our core competences has always been the high experience in manufacturing custom sensors and controls according to customers´ requirements, coping with even the hasher environments´ conditions using rotary, linear and multiturn contact and non-contact technologies. The pursuit of the most cost-effective total custom-engineered Sensors Solution for your needs is firmly embedded in our business philosophy, whatever your requirements may be, from adapting standard products to complete new designs. Rapid prototyping, low batches accepted, up to 360º measuring range, analog, PWM, SPI, switch outputs are some of the key features offered by Piher. We offer accurate and reliable 360° non-contact angular position sensing.
  • The combination of the well-known PT15/PTC15/PS15 control potentiometers with a Detent Control Mechanism (DCM) affords the appliance designer the possibility to solder the potentiometer onto the Control PCB assembly and then, in a second operation, assemble the DCM over it. This removes the need to build Detents into the User front panel of the appliance, simplifying, and significantly reducing the total cost of the solution.

    The detent torque can be modified according to Customer requirements (depending on the input dial’s diameter, etc) as can the number and position of the detents.
  • Fully customiseable detented potentiometer that features:

    -detents (or no detents)
    -end stops
    -plastic / metal shafts
    -"plug-and-play" connectors
    -"push to turn" function
    -availability as switch, encoder or potentiometer
  • The extended temperature range (-40ºC to +120ºC) allows this encoder to be employed in extreme environmental applications where other encoders currently on the market can not be used. This in combination with optional SMD or through-hole mounting makes the E-15 series ideal for automotive heating, ventilation & air conditioning, oven & microwave (white and brown goods in general), kitchen appliance and power tools.
  • 6mm low cost carbon potentiometer. For long life and lead free reflow soldering please use the product N6R.
  • The N6R is a unique, fully RoHS ready miniture potentiometer with all the features of the traditional full size types. The combination of the 10k mechanical life, reduced form factor, RoHS reflow compatibility and overmoulding technology provides market leading performance in a compact, robust design.

    The N6R Long Life "E" version has been conceived for the appliance and automotive industries to provide a cost effective solution. Further options include improved linearity, a 360º endless rotation option and a selection of shafts and knobs. Ask for double reflow potentiometers and geared potentiometers here.
  • 16mm potentiometers enclosed in plastic housing with a shaft and IP54 ingress protection rating.

    These provide full customisation capabilities, such as:
    * Electrical and mechanical specifications.
    * Custom mechanical life.
    * Special outputs (linear, log, anti-log, bespoke).
    * Absolute or independent linearity values.
    * Special resistance value and tolerance.
    * Mechanical and electrical angles.
    * Switch.
    * Selectable busing and shafts lenghts and shapes.
  • This product family has been specifically developed to allow the integration of otherwise large and expensive external mechanisms into the body of the majority of the 6, 10 & 15 mm potentiometer series thus allowing a high range of configurations: special tapers, tolerances, linearity, cut track, etc.

    This detent design not only adds a "click" sensation of position, but also offers enormous savings in both cost and space for any given application.
    Strong and weak detents can be mixed as per cutomer´s request.

    - Replacement for:
    • Existing customer detent mechanisms.
    • Multi-pole switches.
    • 3 or 4-bit absolute encoders (connecting to microprocessor analogue input).
    - Analogue signal presets.
    - Temperature control settings.
    - Relay Timers.

    PT´s with detents also lend themselves perfectly to industrial and domestic power tool applications where the detents prevent accidental movement of the potentiometer under vibration.

    If high torque detents are required please see our Detent Control Mechanism (DCM) series datasheets. As previously highlighted, this family is indispensable wherever both cost and space saving reductions are important, or where a series of fixed positions along the potentiometer travel are required.
  • The PS-10 & PSX-10 potentiometers arespecifically designed for leadfree reflow soldering processes (excellent performance).
  • This sensor offers a new surface mountable solution for detecting changes in angle and position and converting them into a highly reliable voltage output. The sensor can be processed by standard automated placement equipment and reflow (or lead-free reflow) soldered. For applications where rotor angle is critical, locating pins are available.

    The PS15 Series is available with seven different rotor designs and 15 shaft styles. This offering allows Piher to configure a custom sensing solution for virtually any control or position feedback requirement. The result is a customized sensor that maximizes board density, reduces weight and eases assembly while achieving the engineer’s critical sensor design goals for the application.

    A wide range of options, including up to 38 detents, allows further customization. Detents not only add a crisp "click" sensation for each position without affecting the original sensor specification or performance, but also offer significant savings in both cost and space; and are particularly advantageous in industrial and domestic power tool applications to prevent accidental movement.
  • The PS-6 & PSX-6 potentiometers were specifically designed for leadfree reflow soldering processes (excellent performance).
  • For more than 20 years PIHER has been manufacturing rotary switches for all types of applications. Cost-effective and highly customiseable products with our huge experience in adapting them to customers´ needs when necessary. We have the best solution for all your rotary switching needs. Our products are widely used in Automotive, Consumer and Multimedia applications due to their excellent performace and quality/price ratio.

    ISO TS1649, ISO14001, ISO 9001, Lead-Free compliance and hundreds of satisfied customers are the best presentation card. Here we are presenting to you our Rotary Switches based on our PT series. We strongly recommend you to visit for our PC16, S15 and T-21 rotary switches and our full product range that includes Potentiometers, Encoders and Position Sensors.
  • Our PT-15 series are worldwide known, they are widely used in the household appliance and automotive market and it is difficult to find a home or a car without one of our "PTs"
  • Our PT series are worldwide known, they are widely used in the household appliance and automotive market and it is difficult to find a home or a car without one of our "PTs"
  • 15mm cermet potentiometer. Our PT series are worldwide known, they are widely used in the household appliance and automotive market and it is difficult to find a home or a car without one of our "PTs".
  • The N-15 potentiometer/sensor series has been expanded to incorporate both encoders and rotary switches in the same package configuration allowing the user to design in any one of the three options whilst keeping the same board layout and user interface.

    The S-15 switch series has been specifically designed to offer a flexible and customiseable rotary switch/sensor solution for the automotive industry typically employed as multi-position interior/exterior lighting, Traction or Airbag enable/disable controls. The technology developed for the aforementioned S-15 solutions is also available for all types of custom switches however demanding your application may be.
  • 15mm potentiometers enclosed in plastic housing with a shaft and with IP54 ingress protection rating.
  • The Model ST-15 offers engineers an endless rotation version of the popular PT-15 rotary potentiometer. This new 360º version adds endless clockwise (CW or CCW) rotation as a part of the current features of the PT-15s already highly configurable mechanical and electrical specifications. That means a wide variety of off-the-shelf mounting methods, custom ohmic (resistance) values, tight linearity performance, along with the 7 different rotor designs and 15 standard shaft styles.

    This potentiometer offers product designers the flexibility of allowing users full rotational access across the normal stops that have, up to now, limited mechanical rotation. With this design feature, engineers can now design product command features over a 340º range (active electrical travel). For maximum design versatility, the endless rotation feature can be combined upon request with detents to provide users tactile feedback on each setting and selection – with up to 51 unique detent positions. Virtually any appliance rotary feedback requirement can be configured using the PT-15s wide range of standard features. Other interesting optional features include flame-retardant plastics (meets UL Standard 94 V0), detents, rotors and shafts, long cycle life, SMT mounting and custom electrical angles.
  • 21mm carbon potentiometers with excellent rotational torque and high mechanical endurance.
  • Thermometrics NTC Type Surface Mount Devices (SMD) are intended for temperature measurement, control and compensation. They are suitable for standard soldering techniques and availabe in a range of sizes, including 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206.
  • Targeted for Powertrain and other Critical applications, the Z-15 has been specifically designed to be integrated within the existing final application (throttle body, air-intake valve…) to avoid the duplication of costs associated with the standard “bolt-on” alternatives that prevail in the marketplace.
    Moreover, because of the cost effectiveness of the Z-15 solution, TRUE redundancy can be achieved employing two or more ganged Z-15’s.
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