RJF TV – Hermetic Sealed

In some applications, a transversal hermetically sealing for the receptacle is must. This will prevent gas from going through the receptacle when plug or cap are not mated to the receptacle. The hermetic solution (version "H") has a compound at the rear of the receptacle as shown on the picture. Helium leakage is less than 1.10-6 cm3 per second [0.1 micron cubic ft per hour] at one bar [15 psi] pressure differential.


* Same as the RJF TV series
* A complete IP68 sealing of the receptacle (even with no plug or no protective cap mated) is added
* Outside dimensions are the same as the standard RJF TV series
* Vibrations: the compounded versions of the RJF TV have been tested in vibration following the NAS 1599 Aeronautic specification (Ambient temperature):
* 5 - 3000 Hz, 20g, 2,5 mm [.1 inch] double amplitude, 3 axes, 12 hours
* Note: this specification exceeds MIL-C-26500 requirements
RJF TV – Hermetic Sealed
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