HFS-x & HFS-xD Splitters

Broadband Satellite Splitters
The HFS Series broadband splitters are an advanced design providing the lowest insertion loss from 5-2150 MHz while maintaining high isolation. The HFS-2 / HFS-4 power pass to one port and the HFS-2P / HFS-4P pass power to all ports.

The HFS-*D series high-frequency splitters have been designed with diode steered circuitry, which allows the DC power to pass from any output port to the input port and prevents DC backfeeding.

HFS Series:
* 5 - 2150 MHz Performance
* Power Passing to One or all Ports
* High Port-to-Port Isolation
* HFS-xD Series:
* 5 - 2150 MHz Wide Band Operation
* Diode Steered
* High Return Loss
* Flat Frequency Response
* Flat end F-ports with 1” spacing
* Solder-Back Case (-130 dB RFI Shielding)
HFS-x & HFS-xD Splitters
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