G-PF-59 Precision Push-On F-Adaptor

The G-PF-59 is a lab-grade, high-performance push-on F-connector adapter. The G-PF-59 has been specifically designed for high-volume testing environments demanding production efficiency, durability and reliability. This adapter utilizes precision specifications, and a special high-cycle, low-tension ground spring, allowing for low insertion force and high volume testing throughput. The G-PF-59 is particularly volume effective with high-density adapter fixtures. In addition, a high-strength center conductor is used to ensure high-cycle life expectancy.

* High-Cycle Life - Exceeds 3,000 Insertions
* Low Insertion Force for Production Throughput
* High-Strength Center Conductor Extends Life
* Chamfered Center Pin for Faster Insertions
* Durable All-Brass, Nickle-Plated Construction
* 9mm F-Female Barrel Allows Panel Mounting
* Easy-Grip Knurled Outer Body
G-PF-59 Precision Push-On F-Adaptor
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