Consumer Access Ports (C.A.P.)

The C.A.P. Series consists of a family of connectors that provide users easy access to standard communication and power ports, but in a ruggedized format that is easily integrated into aerospace or other demanding environments. The spring loaded, 360° cover provides quick access to the front side / user port, while the equipment side is terminated in the popular Luminus or Pegasus bayonet style quick disconnect. Mounting is screw mount, panel mount, or anti-rotation jaunt.


* Polyethermide Housing - Rugged environment – high chemical resistance
* Stainless Steel Spring & Hinge - Long lasting operation, non-corrosive
* Cap Face Seal - IP54 protection against objects & fluids
* Luminus Bus Interface - Tool-less connect & disconnect; easy-to-use
* Standard User Interfaces - Wide variety of options for application flexibility
* Compact Mounting - Less than 1”x1” mounting pattern eases placement & design constraints
* FAR25 compliance -aerospace cabin ready for smoke, toxicity, flammability
* Light weight -typically less than 50 grams (configuration dependent)
* Black Matte Finish -Readily blends in with most decors. Alternate cap colors available ( white, yellow, red )
Consumer Access Ports (C.A.P.)
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